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Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter how much you workout and eat right, there’s still stubborn fat stuck your hips and thighs. At Ventura Medical Aesthetics, Susan Slater, MD, MPH, and her team understand your frustration and offer you a solution with innovative, state-of-the-art technology. At the Ventura, California office, you can lose your unwanted fat for good, with pain-free SculpSureⓇ. If you’re ready to finally get that body you’ve been working so hard for, call the office today or go online to schedule your initial consultation.

Sculpsure Q & A

What is SculpSureⓇ?

SculpSure is a pain reduced, noninvasive laser system that eliminates fat and contours your body. With this innovative FDA-approved system, you get a slimmer appearance that looks natural and healthy.

With SculpSure, you rid your trouble zones of stubborn fat, permanently destroying up to 24% of fat cells in your targeted area.

With the help of Dr. Slater and her team at Ventura Medical Aesthetics, you can look your greatest and boost your confidence with treatments on your:

  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Under your chin

The best part of this state-of-the-art procedure is that SculpSure doesn’t require any surgery or downtime.

How does SculpSure work?

With the innovative equipment, SculpSure uses pain reduced lasers that target your unwanted fat and destroy it. Using cutting-edge technology, these lasers increase the internal temperature of your fat cells, hurting their structural integrity.

Over a period of three months, this damage causes your fat cells to die. As this happens, your body’s lymphatic system processes and removes them from your body. Fat cells do not regenerate or duplicate, resulting in permanent fat reduction.

What should I expect during my SculpSure treatment?

When you visit Ventura Medical Aesthetics for a SculpSure treatment, you’re fitted with an applicator belt, which holds the SculpSure device in place. Once secure, the SculpSure device heads are placed in the applicator belt and Dr. Slater or a member of her team turns on the device.

You may notice both a cooling sensation and a deep warmth. The cooling sensation protects your skin while the warming sensation destroys your fat cells.

After 25 minutes, you can have another area treated. If not, you’re free to go with no downtime and no limitations.

When can I notice SculpSure results?

Although every person has different results, some patients begin to notice fat loss as early as six weeks post-treatment. As more fat cells die and your body processes them, your results become more pronounced, with optimal results at around 12 weeks.

In many cases, Dr. Slater and her team recommend more than one SculpSure treatment to give you the best body contouring possible.

If you want to eliminate stubborn fat once and for all, contact Ventura Medical Aesthetics today. Go online or call Dr. Slater’s office to book your initial consultation and see what SculpSure can do for you.