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When unwanted fat stays on your abdomen and thighs regardless of how many crunches you do, it’s time to find a solution that works. At Ventura Medical Aesthetics, Susan Slater, MD, MPH, offers state-of-the-art laser fat reduction. With cutting-edge technology, you can eliminate stubborn fat for good without the need for surgery or needles. If you live in or near Ventura, California, call Dr. Slater’s office today to schedule your initial consultation. You can even book your appointment easily with the online scheduling tool.

Laser Fat Reduction Q & A

What is laser fat reduction?

Laser fat reduction is an innovative procedure that uses laser energy to permanently remove your fat cells. FDA-approved, laser fat reduction harnesses the power of laser energy and directs into targeted fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue and skin.

This energy increases the cells’ internal temperature, causing significant structural damage. This damage eventually leads to the cells’ death. After they die, your body naturally processes and removes these fat cells, leaving your body’s contours smoother and more shapely.

Dr. Slater can use laser fat reduction on your:

  • Abdominal area
  • Back
  • Love handles
  • Thighs

She can also address double chins by administering a laser fat reduction treatment under your chin.

What happens during laser fat reduction?

When you visit Ventura Medical Aesthetics for laser fat reduction, Dr. Slater or a member of her team preps your treatment area and then fits you with an applicator belt. This belt holds 1-4 applicator devices, which Dr. Slater snaps into the belt.

The machine is turned on, and the fat reduction treatment begins. You may notice a cooling sensation throughout the whole treatment. This cooling protects your skin and eliminates any discomfort you may experience.

In addition, a deep warmth cycles on and off throughout the treatment.

After 25 minutes, the machine shuts off and the applicator belt is removed.

What kind of results can I expect from laser fat reduction?

After your laser fat reduction treatment, you’re free to go without any downtime or restrictions in activity. Because it takes a period of time for your fat cells to die and your body to remove them, you may not notice any changes until about six weeks after your treatment.

Your fat loss continues until about three months when you reach maximum benefit.

In most cases, Dr. Slater recommends multiple treatment sessions. Once treatment is complete, you can expect up to a 24% reduction of fat in your treatment area. And because fat cells don’t regenerate or grow back, the fat is permanently gone.

To see if you’re a candidate for laser fat reduction, call Ventura Medical Aesthetics today to schedule. You can even book online.